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If electric vehicles are the future, so is battery storage.

With electric vehicles steadily increasing in popularity, battery storage also becomes more vital to ensure electric cars can function fully. The electric vehicle industry is expected to grow exponentially over the next couple of years. Some believe that electric vehicles will one day completely replace gas-powered vehicles. For this to be possible, electric vehicle users need battery storage solutions to power their electric cars around town. This can be done by charging electric vehicles during off-peak hours with lower electric rates.

Battery storage units are also beneficial for homeowners that want to save money on electric bills. Consumers can store excess electricity produced from rooftop solar panels and use it at night. Furthermore, electric cars can also help homeowners save money on electric bills through electric vehicle home charging, especially if you live in a state where electric rates are higher during peak hours.

Tesla power wall is an example of battery storage unit used specifically for electric vehicles such as Tesla and Chevrolet Bolt, although there are many other brands available on the market today. [This is where you talk about electric vehicles]

What are the benefits of battery storage?

First of all, it helps you save money. Electric cars are expensive, but once you buy one they’ll save you money on gasoline (er…er…electricity?). But with battery storage, your electric battery is fueled by electric power instead of gasoline! It helps reduce pollution because more people driving electric cars means less gas used and less pollution.

It helps the electric grid. If people are charging their EVs with electricity instead of gasoline, there will be less demand for gas. This means electric companies will need to produce less power! So battery storage is good for the environment and your wallet.

What if I don’t have an electric car? Can I still use battery storage?

Yes! Battery storage is perfect for houses with solar panels, too. You can store the excess electric power your solar panels produce and use it to charge your EV or just use it for your house. It’s a great way to save money on electricity bills without sacrificing convenience!

What does battery storage cost?

Well, that depends on the electric battery you buy and how much capacity it has. The bigger the electric battery, the more expensive it is!

The best way to find out what electric battery is right for you is to contact Allied Veterans today! We’ll help you decide what size of storage unit will work best for your EV or house! If you don’t have an electric car yet, don’t worry! Allied Veterans can help you get one. Our associate dealers make buying EV’s easy!

That’s all for now! If you have any questions about battery storage, just ask Allied Veterans. We’re here to help our customers save money and be more environmentally friendly by driving electric cars!

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