Power Generator for Home

Allied Veterans offers home generators that are the perfect home accessory to have in the event of blackouts. The home generators has alternative fuel sources when electricity is unavailable, making them a popular California household item.

Home generators are powered by natural gas or liquid propane, depending on the fuel source available at your home. Gas home generators are typically installed at homes with easily accessible natural gas lines.

The home generators are connected to the home’s main electrical panel, which allows you to turn on lights or appliances when there is a blackout. You can also use home generators during power outages that occur when California performs routine blackouts in your area.

Power home generators run on low noise, making them an ideal home generator option for people who want to use their home generator at night without disrupting the local environment.

Allied Veterans home generators come with new, UL listed appliances that are more environmentally friendly than older home generators models. All home generators used by Allied Veterans are also EPA certified and some home generator models are California Energy Commission approved.

All home generators have an easy to read home generator control panel, which allows you to monitor home generator functions when blackouts occur. Allied Veterans home generators are the perfect home accessory for residential and commercial properties in California that lose power regularly or that want to be prepared in case of a blackout.

To learn more about home generator installation and how home service plans can offer you home warranty options, contact a representative today!

Home Generators

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