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The new HVAC installation in your Hollister home should take care of any indoor comfort problems you may be experiencing. You’ll enjoy greater energy efficiency and a healthier environment if the new system is designed and installed correctly. Customization, even with new installations, will add to total cost but might be well worth it for other reasons such as improved curb appeal, greater resale value and new equipment efficiency.

All homes in Hollister should have a working Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system. There are three critical steps involved in a new installation: planning the new system; customizing the new system for your home’s heating and cooling needs; and installing new equipment so that it operates as efficiently as possible.

Planning the new HVAC installation in a new or used home or office building involves a series of steps. In new construction, the architect and designer use computer modeling tools to determine what types of equipment are required for your HVAC system.

The “Energy Star” label is a partnership between the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the United States Department of Energy (DOE) that promotes energy efficiency in all new HVAC equipment. By choosing an “Energy Star” labeled system in a new construction project, you’ll save on energy costs in the future and reduce your impact on air pollution.

If you’re moving into a newly remodeled property, the HVAC planner will take measurements of the home’s square footage, outside temperatures and ventilation needs to determine what type of heating and cooling equipment is required.

The installer will custom-design HVAC installations to fit into tight places and difficult situations that are common among older homes in Hollister. For example, an old Victorian home might have small closets with beams running through them. A vent installation can be made more effective by making sure there’s enough clearance around the vent and that it doesn’t run through a closet or through beams.

When installing new HVAC equipment, choose the highest efficiency equipment you can afford to buy. If your home is particularly drafty, check for air leaks before you install a new furnace or air conditioner. You might want to consider upgrading insulation and adding storm windows to cut energy costs.

When you’re ready for a new HVAC installation in your Hollister home or business, give us a call so we can help get you going. Check with us before making a final purchase for your HVAC installer to make sure that you get the best price!

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